Yoga Teachers Talk: The Business of Yoga


Yoga Teachers Talk: The Business of Yoga

Learn The Business Of Yoga: How To Start,
Or Expand That Thriving Yoga Practice
You’ve Been Dreaming Of

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Learn The Business Of Yoga: How To Start,
Or Expand That Thriving Yoga Practice
You’ve Been Dreaming Of


This is where you can claim exclusive VIP lifetime access to all of the wonderful Yoga Teachers Talk: The Business of Yoga video interviews! Plus, special bonuses just for those that purchase (see details below).

What is the Yoga Teachers Talk: The Business of Yoga?

Learn from yoga teachers who share their personal success strategies on how you can build a yoga business that allows you to live your passion AND make a decent income.

The Problem

Yoga teachers’ training courses usually do NOT teach you how to run a business so you’re left floundering around and trying to figure it out for yourself. You may be frustrated because your passion isn’t paying the bills and you struggle to make ends meet.

This series changes that.

Join us!  Get inspired and guided to create or expand your yoga career.

Our Presenters

We hand-picked yoga teachers who are not only successful, but want to help others succeed so that together we can make a difference in the world.

Despite busy schedules and thriving businesses, these yoga teachers readily agreed to be part of this summit and promised to share their best information with you.

View our presenters here.

This series features 10 videos, each covering a different topic of thriving as a yoga teacher.

Q: What Kind Of Topics Do We Cover?

A: We cover a variety of Yoga Business topics, including:

  • Finding Your Yoga Niche
  • The Yoga Studio Journey
  • Building a Yoga Brand
  • Marketing with the Yamas and Niyamas

View the presenters and their topics here.

A: We asked so many of those yoga business questions such as:

  • Why did you decide to pursue yoga as a part of your career? What keeps you going in the field?
  • How do you market your business in a way that aligns with your values?
  • How would you define “niche” in the yoga world? What are advantages and disadvantages of working within a niche?
  • How do you handle the ebb and flow of students/clients?
  • How has your career grown/shifted over the years?
  • What advice do you have for a teacher who wants to create valuable content (physical/online) for their students/clients?
  • How did you develop the curriculum for a program/workshop/retreat?

And more….

Q: What Makes This Summit Different?

A: Practical Advice!

We’ve brought together ordinary people like yourself. These are yoga teachers running regular small businesses, who are willing to pass on their experience and expertise to you so that you too can be successful. You’ll hear a variety of points of view from yoga teachers at all different stages on a similar journey, the journey of building a business. They’ve all been faced with the challenges of starting or expanding a small business.

You’ll learn strategies, tools and techniques that our presenters have used or are using successfully. Down-to-earth, proven and accessible. They’re speaking from experience, not theory.

Q: What Can You Expect To Gain From These Interviews?

A: So much! Such as:

  • Increased confidence in your ability to run a business
  • Learn models to follow
  • Know your next steps to build a sustainable business
  • Rekindle your enthusiasm and belief that you CAN do this
  • Let go of the frustration of not knowing what to do or how to do it

That’s not all!

As a special BONUS we will also include:

  • Supplemental sheets to help grow your teaching practice:
    • Class plan templates
    • Brainstorming workbook
    • Self-reflection sheet
    • Yoga career goal worksheet
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