Mindfulness: A Short Course

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Mindfulness: A Short Course

Don’t just look, observe. Don’t just swallow, taste. Don’t just hear, listen. Don’t just touch, feel. Don’t just exist, live.


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Designed for teachers leading a short course (6 weeks) guiding people through a variety of mindfulness practices to help support stress relief, increased awareness, and mindful living.

Weekly themes include:
Art as a Mindful Practice
Mindful Eating
Mindful Walking
Mindful Listening
The “M” Word (Meditation)

Includes a reading list, links, form for feedback, and a small parting gift imaged quote to share with students if you choose.  13 pages.

“In our busy lives we have so many pressures and must-dos, many of us find ourselves overwhelmed, under satisfied, and over stressed. During this course we will explore ways to come back into our own Selves, discover techniques to slow down even during the most hectic days and weeks, and practice finding time for our own peace. This course is designed to enhance the professional and personal experiences for participants through practice living in the present moment, reducing stress, and increasing awareness in order to enhance and enrich our lives.”

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