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Deciding a price for products is perhaps one of the more difficult tasks when uploading content to share here at 10,000 Footprints. Here are a couple of thoughts to consider:

  • How much time have you put into this?
    Consider how long you spent writing the class or course and how often you’ve taught it and made tweaks as your experience grew. The more time you’ve spent working on the document, the higher the price.
  • What’s included?
    Make sure people know what your product has that they can’t get for free. There are SO many sequences available for free out there. What have you included to make a more complete offering? A link to a playlist? A introduction, linking comments, closing words? Suggestions for modifications or assists?  People are willing to pay a bit more if they know they won’t have to worry about finding or creating the parts that help make a decent class great.
  • Size of the resource
    A single, well thought out page can be a great help for a teacher planning a class, but if you designed a workshop or a series of classes meant to be used over several weeks, charge a bit more.

Still wondering? A few more suggestions:

  • Look at similar products and see what others are asking.
  • Consider putting a product on sale for a short time. Sales will (hopefully!) increase, but if they change significantly, consider a lower price on similar items.
  • Load several similar items within a range of prices and see how each of them sell. This will give you a better idea of what people are will to pay for a product.

Have a great idea on pricing your products? We’d love for you to share something on our blog, or consider creating a downloadable document to help people out!

First, congratulations on opening a studio here at 10,000 Footprints. We are honored you are inviting this space into your life.

After you’ve opened a studio, there are a couple of steps to follow to ensure you are ready to upload products and then receive payment. To get to your own studio, follow the “Your Studio” link at the top of any page.

While in your Studio, start at the “Settings” option found partway down the page in the black menu box.

  1. Under “Settings” there are five sub-options: Store, Payment, Branding, Shipping, and Social.
  2. Go to your Store to enter your Studio information: Studio Name and Description, About You, and Studio Information. These show others a bit of your own personality and what to expect from your studio.
  3. After you’ve entered your Studio information, go to Payment to set up your PayPal information so we know where to send your commissions each month.
  4. Under Branding you can add a store banner and icon. If you do not upload a personal image you will have our default footprints images.
  5. If you are planning on uploading physical products (mala beads, crystals, etc), go to the Shipping tab and add your rates.
  6. Finally, connect your other social accounts in the Social tab. This can draw more people to your Studio!

After you’ve set up your Studio, upload a product! Further information on uploading products can be found here.


Congratulations on setting up your Studio! Here we’ll outline the steps to add a product.

Start in your Studio. You can get to your studio by clicking the “Your Studio” link in the menu at the top of any page.

In your Studio there is a black menu box. Click on Products in that box to begin uploading a new product to your Studio.

  1. Click on the green “Add Product” button.
  2. Enter product name and description.
  3. Choose any related categories for your product. This helps us recommend your product based on what people are looking for.
  4. Upload a featured image:
    • Click on “set featured image” underneath the grey box.
    • If you have files uploaded, they’ll appear in your “Media Library” and you can select one of them. If you have not uploaded files or would like to add additional files, click on the “Upload Files” tab.
    • From “Upload Files” you can click on the “Select Files” box and your computer will open your available folders. Alternatively, you can drag and drop files from an open folder into the box.
    • This process takes just a moment, so please be patient with our servers.
    • Once your image is uploaded, select the image (a blue box and check mark will appear) and click “Set Product Feature Image” at the bottom right of the page.
      • Please note our image file size limit is 32MB or approximately 900×900 pixels. There is a link to resize your image for the web if you need.
  5. You can add additional images for your product by clicking on “Add product gallery images” and following the same process as above. This will give customers additional images to know the details of your product.
  6. Type of Product
    • Leave product type as “simple product.”
    • If it is downloadable (pdf, word document, image), check the “Downloadable” box.
  7. Price, Inventory, and Shipping
    • Set your price in the “regular price” box
    • If you’d like to offer a sale price, enter it in the box. You can select specific dates for your sale by clicking on “schedule.”
    • If your product is downloadable, don’t worry about inventory and shipping.
    • If you are uploading a physical product, manage your inventory and set your shipping rates under the tabs.
  8. Add Product!
    • Click on the green “Add Product” button at the bottom to save your product and display it on your studio.
    • If you’re not done uploading your product, you can save a draft and return later.

Thank you for uploading a product. We look forward to helping you share it with others!

We strive to remain open to content you would like to share, whether on your studio page or on our community blog. We do have some guidelines all Members should follow:

Please post:
• Class plans you created (yoga, pilates, etc)
• Workshops you designed (arm balances, introductory courses, etc)
• Audio files you recorded (meditations, music for a class, etc)
• Files of similar nature
• Blog posts related to posted content and similar subjects

Please do NOT post:
• Offensive content (obscene, discriminatory, pornographic, etc)
• Content you did not create. See our DMCA Policy and Terms of Service for more information.
• Incomplete resources (such as items that need additional steps to access such as purchaser providing additional information or subscribing to an email list)
• Links to another sales channel
• Duplicate listings

Please note neither of these lists are exhaustive. If you have something you’ve created and would like to share on our site, please do! We welcome new ideas that might benefit others! If you’re not sure about something, don’t hesitate to contact us.

If you are uploading a digital product such as a word document or pdf, a great way to show potential purchasers a glimpse of your product is to take a screen shot and upload it for your featured image or additional images. You are of course welcome to upload a photo you have taken to use.

Resist the urge to turn to a wide internet search for a picture.  We take copyright very seriously and even if an image is available for free it does not mean you have the right to use it. There are sites that provide images for free use or a small fee that you can use with your products.

Try Open Clip Art for free clip art and MorgueFile for free images.

CanStockPhoto and iStock have a pay per image or subscription images.

Coming soon: a variety of photos hosted by 10,000 Footprints for you to use on your products.

Every time you purchase a downloadable product, you will be able to download it from the receipt screen. But if you leave the receipt screen or need to download it again, click on “My Account” at the top of the page and then on “Downloads” from the menu on the left.

Here you will find your downloadable products and have the option of downloading them again.

You set the price for each product you choose to upload. We will be adding some guidelines for pricing in the near future.

When another Member purchases your product, you will get notified. Once a month we will distribute funds, and you will receive 60% of the purchase price of any products sold directly into your Paypal account for you to use!

Anyone is welcome to apply to become a studio owner (sometimes referred to as “vendor”) and the process is simple and quick! There are two ways to open a studio on our site:

  1. When you first register, check the box “apply to open a studio and start selling.” You will be prompted to share some extra information so that your studio is ready and when you make a sale you receive payment.
  2. If you already have an account with us, log in and click on “your studio” at the top of the page. You will be taken to our simple Vendor Application form.

After you have completed the Vendor Application, you will be brought to your Studio Dashboard. See our Studio Setup Resources for information on setting up your studio, adding a product, and managing your orders.

No worries! Simply click on the “forgot your password” link on our login page and enter your email address or username and we will email you a link to reset your password. Please allow several minutes for the email to arrive, and check your spam folder.

10,000 Footprints works to connect people to people to share ideas, plans, and classes they’ve created. Create an account to become a more active member of our community. Purchase products uploaded by other members, or upload your own products to share by opening a free studio. By using our site, you are supporting teachers, practitioners, and community members like you!

First, a huge thank you from us and our studios!

To purchase a product, hover over its picture and click on the shopping cart icon that appears on the bottom to add it to your cart.  Alternatively, click on the product to view it in a new page and click on the green “add to cart” button. Whichever method you use, the product will now appear when you hover over the white shopping cart on the top right of each page.

Once you’ve added the products you’d like to purchase, hover over the white shopping cart on the top right of each page and choose “checkout.” This is also where you can choose “view cart” to see the items you already have in your cart.

You will then be brought to a check out page where you will need to enter your billing details, shipping details (if needed), and order notes. Once you have filled in this information, we will process your purchase through PayPal.  You do not have to have a PayPal account to place an order with us! Simply select “Pay via PayPal” and you will be able to enter a credit card on their secure server.

Check the box to indicate that you accept our Terms of Service and then click the green “Place order” button to complete your purchase through PayPal’s website. At the end of your order, you will be able to return to