The Trick to Gracefully Balancing a Fitness Routine with Self-Care

This article features our amazing guest writer, Sheila. Learn more about her at Fit Sheila. It’s hard to balance self-care with a good fitness routine, while also maintaining self-discipline that doesn’t devolve into an “I deserve this chocolate cake because I worked really hard today” mentality. Want to create a (nearly) perfect blend of exercise and overall self-care? Try these tips. Check in with your body. Feeling a little sluggish or sore, lacking energy or the enthusiasm to get your sweat on? [...]


Embrace Your Vulnerability

Recently I have been considering the tumultuous state of vulnerability within my Self, Others, and my relationship with those Others. A touchy concept, vulnerability. As I observe and recognize it in other people, I realize the plethora of negative connotations vulnerability embodies. Even in my Self, my latest (consciously recognized) vulnerable encounters have been difficult and emotionally draining. But why? When I travel alone, I am particularly vulnerable. This scares my mother. In all honesty, sometimes it scares me. At [...]


10 Ways to Fill Your Own Cup First

Growing up I was someone who was always busy. Always out doing something – – rehearsals, work, out with friends, tutoring – – looking back at my high school self, my bet is very few people would have guessed that I wasn’t an extrovert. With as much as I did, I always allowed myself time to simply BE.  To turn off the human DOing and make sure I was a human BEing. I read. A lot. I adored my art [...]