Ahimsa and Marketing Your Yoga

There are days that you know what you’re doing is exactly what you’re meant to be doing. It feels like you’re so on top of life! Ready to tackle anything that comes your way! Diving in and jumping off and launching up! All of those fabulous “GO!” words. I realize it doesn’t always work this way. It is nearly impossible to stay in that state for an extended time. It’s an ebb and flow, and that’s a healthy place to [...]


Yin Yoga and Business

I am a big advocate of yin yoga. I cannot overpraise Bernie Clark’s fantastic books. YinSights and The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga are definitely worth adding to your library. As James and I ventured deeper into creating 10,000 Footprints, we found ourselves using the principals of yin yoga to support our development of the website and business. Clark outlines three principals of yin yoga: play to your edges, resolve to be still, and hold for a time. Lessons learned from [...]


Begin at the End

Beginnings: it is that time of year in which you can feel them humming in the air.  The budding tress, the tulips showing off their vibrant colors, the birds sharing a new song, and the lambs merrily prancing in the fresh green grass.  Mother Earth is waking up and stretching her cold, stiff muscles in the newborn sunshine.  And it is beautiful. With as much as is beginning right now, I feel sharp the edge of endings.  Part of this [...]