On and Off the Mat: Balance

“Bring your weight into your left foot, spread the toes and press them evenly into the floor. Engage the thigh to lift the kneecap and draw the bellybutton back. Extend the crown of the head toward the ceiling while the shoulders remain relaxed. Peel the right foot from the floor, heel, arch, toes. Place the sole of the right foot against the left calf and open the knee toward the side as you draw energy toward the center line [...]


Embrace Your Vulnerability

Recently I have been considering the tumultuous state of vulnerability within my Self, Others, and my relationship with those Others. A touchy concept, vulnerability. As I observe and recognize it in other people, I realize the plethora of negative connotations vulnerability embodies. Even in my Self, my latest (consciously recognized) vulnerable encounters have been difficult and emotionally draining. But why? When I travel alone, I am particularly vulnerable. This scares my mother. In all honesty, sometimes it scares me. At [...]


10 Ways to Fill Your Own Cup First

Growing up I was someone who was always busy. Always out doing something – – rehearsals, work, out with friends, tutoring – – looking back at my high school self, my bet is very few people would have guessed that I wasn’t an extrovert. With as much as I did, I always allowed myself time to simply BE.  To turn off the human DOing and make sure I was a human BEing. I read. A lot. I adored my art [...]