The Trick to Gracefully Balancing a Fitness Routine with Self-Care

This article features our amazing guest writer, Sheila. Learn more about her at Fit Sheila. It’s hard to balance self-care with a good fitness routine, while also maintaining self-discipline that doesn’t devolve into an “I deserve this chocolate cake because I worked really hard today” mentality. Want to create a (nearly) perfect blend of exercise and overall self-care? Try these tips. Check in with your body. Feeling a little sluggish or sore, lacking energy or the enthusiasm to get your sweat on? [...]


Ahimsa and Marketing Your Yoga

There are days that you know what you’re doing is exactly what you’re meant to be doing. It feels like you’re so on top of life! Ready to tackle anything that comes your way! Diving in and jumping off and launching up! All of those fabulous “GO!” words. I realize it doesn’t always work this way. It is nearly impossible to stay in that state for an extended time. It’s an ebb and flow, and that’s a healthy place to [...]


On and Off the Mat: Balance

“Bring your weight into your left foot, spread the toes and press them evenly into the floor. Engage the thigh to lift the kneecap and draw the bellybutton back. Extend the crown of the head toward the ceiling while the shoulders remain relaxed. Peel the right foot from the floor, heel, arch, toes. Place the sole of the right foot against the left calf and open the knee toward the side as you draw energy toward the center line [...]


Yin Yoga and Business

I am a big advocate of yin yoga. I cannot overpraise Bernie Clark’s fantastic books. YinSights and The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga are definitely worth adding to your library. As James and I ventured deeper into creating 10,000 Footprints, we found ourselves using the principals of yin yoga to support our development of the website and business. Clark outlines three principals of yin yoga: play to your edges, resolve to be still, and hold for a time. Lessons learned from [...]


Embrace Your Vulnerability

Recently I have been considering the tumultuous state of vulnerability within my Self, Others, and my relationship with those Others. A touchy concept, vulnerability. As I observe and recognize it in other people, I realize the plethora of negative connotations vulnerability embodies. Even in my Self, my latest (consciously recognized) vulnerable encounters have been difficult and emotionally draining. But why? When I travel alone, I am particularly vulnerable. This scares my mother. In all honesty, sometimes it scares me. At [...]


What I Learned NOT Doing Yoga for a Year

“So, are you going to crack all night through this?” My husband asked from the couch where he lounged, reading.  Tonight was my first yoga practice – at least one that was more than a minute or two – for a better part of a year. “No promises,” I replied, stepping back into downward facing dog. Well, I didn’t just crack. I also creaked, groaned, burped, popped, farted, and sighed.  If it had been my first ever yoga practice I would have [...]

10,000 Footprints

Lord of the Mat

My first yoga teacher was a hobbit. A year later I sat in a large circle on the first evening of my 200 hours of Yoga Teacher Training and answered the question “what initially brought you to yoga,” I was met with gasps, glares and giggles when I answered that I came to yoga to impress a girl. And it was true. And it worked. This is not the ideal reason to venture into the world of downward dog and pigeon, but [...]


10 Ways to Fill Your Own Cup First

Growing up I was someone who was always busy. Always out doing something – – rehearsals, work, out with friends, tutoring – – looking back at my high school self, my bet is very few people would have guessed that I wasn’t an extrovert. With as much as I did, I always allowed myself time to simply BE.  To turn off the human DOing and make sure I was a human BEing. I read. A lot. I adored my art [...]


Begin at the End

Beginnings: it is that time of year in which you can feel them humming in the air.  The budding tress, the tulips showing off their vibrant colors, the birds sharing a new song, and the lambs merrily prancing in the fresh green grass.  Mother Earth is waking up and stretching her cold, stiff muscles in the newborn sunshine.  And it is beautiful. With as much as is beginning right now, I feel sharp the edge of endings.  Part of this [...]