About Us

You are
  • unique.
  • creative.
  • loved.
  • appreciated.
  • heard.

Our Mission

10,000 footprints offers you a bridge to a community of creative beings.

We live in a world inundated with the ability to communicate and yet how often are we truly able to share with another soul? 10,000 footprints connects a whole world of passionate and like-minded people to promote personal growth, development, and practices. Through the process of creating, sharing, and selling your work, 10,000 footprints endeavors to bring together people and ideas which may have never interwoven before. Use the power of sharing your own materials and exploring the materials others have shared to establish connections and bonds with others from across the globe.

Our Story

Founders Amy and James met at a drum circle in Ireland in 2013, fell in love and were married for the first time in a May Ball Ceremony at midnight in-front of a blazing midnight bonfire in the pouring rain. . .and they’ve never looked back. 10,000 footprints is a reflection of tens of thousands of their individual footprints taken before they met and is their contribution to a global community of people who know that through the practices of yoga, mindfulness, music, art, and more, we can collectively create a happier, more fulfilled world for ourselves and those around us. 10,000 footprints may have taken seed while walking in the foothills of the Rockies during a sweltering Wyoming Summer, but with your help it will grow into a web of inspiration covering the globe. Come, join us, share your ideas, your creativity and be part of this wonderful tool for discovery and insight.

James and Amy Ledwith